Leading non-profit organizations can be chaotic.


You’re so busy doing, that it’s often very difficult to stop and think about why you’re doing it, how to do it better, or where you want to go. I’ve certainly been there, and I understand the challenges.

Consultation Services

I offer a clear vision from the outside, analysis of your challenges and opportunities, and help implementing solutions so your organization can move forward in a planned and efficient way.

Whether it be the development of a fundraising strategy or strategic planning session, pulling together a grant calendar, proposal or evaluation, or analyzing and implementing the best data solutions to manage your donors and events, I can help.

I offer a disciplined approach to assessing organizational effectiveness, diagnosing causes of organizational challenges, and recommending a set of interventions in the following areas:  

Strategy – Consultation for organization performance improvement, planning and evaluation

Fundraising – Counsel and support for non-profits of all sizes to accomplish fundraising success

Systems – Analyses of work flows, staffing, technology and tools to optimize efficiency


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