Congratulations to the Muslim Educational Trust

Congratulations MET on surpassing your fundraising goal!  MET raised over $340,000 in donations and pledges at their Annual Fundraising Dinner & Cultural Night. Donations are still accepted to meet the remaining goal of $60,000 to secure funds for the scholarship and financial aid fund.  

MET Community CenterIn Fall 2015, MET opened the nation’s first Muslim community center. This center combines MET’s schools with community event space, an Olympic-length pool, and gymnasium. The community center and school is open to all, Muslim and non-Muslim, and has become a Mecca in the Pacific Northwest for community building, positive interaction, engagement and inter-faith dialogue. For example, each Sunday they serve a dine-in brunch of delicious Middle Eastern cuisine to bring the community together over good food. They are also wonderful community partners and friends and I am proud to be associated with them, both professionally and personally. 

To learn more about MET, access to the community center, brunch, and all the good work they do to build connections and interfaith dialogues between Muslims and other religious and ethnic communities please visit their website.

I want to go to brunch this week. Who wants to join me?


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