Meet Jack!

We adopted a dog! It’s like having a 2 year old in the house again. His name is Jack and he’s part Australian shepherd, part Catahoula Leopard dog. (Which if you haven’t heard – as I hadn’t –  is the state dog of Louisiana and a type of hound dog that is used for herding cattle and pigs.)


He’s a rescue dog and in his short one year of life has been shuttled from a kill shelter, through homes in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Texas, and finally, to us in the great state of Oregon.

He was saved by an angelic network of volunteers, transporters and fosters at Australian Shepherds Furever.  He’s amazingly happy and will do anything for food. Besides turning my house and my heart upside down and using up every spare second of my time, Jack gets me out of the house, every day, rain or shine, for long walks. He needs them so he doesn’t eat our shoes or treat us as livestock. It turns out, I needed these walks too!

We’ve started exploring the trails of Forest Park and the slips of beach along the Columbia and Willamette rivers. He’s always up for adventure and he’s the greatest companion.  These adventures are reminding me how much I love Oregon, how beautiful this state is, and how lucky we are to have this abundance of nature and beauty practically on our doorstep.

It’s also making me remember and appreciate some of the great organizations that are doing heroic work to protect our environment and the vulnerable creatures, like Jack, who need a second chance at happiness. These are some of my favorites:  The Oregon Humane SocietyAustralian Shepherds Furever350PDXOregon Environmental CouncilColumbia Land Trust.  What are some of your favorites?

This is hiking in Oregon – Dogs and all kinds of slimy creatures.

2 thoughts on “Meet Jack!

  1. We adopted from ASF too!! Took one with disabilities as I am older but he has certainly changed our lives as well. This little guy was shuffled too..but now he is in his forever home with us….We take him boating here and there and he loves his toys. When I go to the site I can’t believe how many wonderful people adopt these awesome dogs. ASF did a great job matching the right dog for us.

  2. Hi Joan, thanks for your comment. I am amazed too at all the wonderful stories. I would recommend ASF and these smart, funny, amazing dogs to anyone. Have fun with your baby. 🙂

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